Established in 1973 and located within the Mayo United Methodist Church since 1976, Mayo Nursery School (MNS) has been a wonderful stepping stone for preschoolers prior to beginning Kindergarten. MNS prepares our preschoolers for elementary school, giving parents the security in knowing their children are ready to take this momentous step. The structured, yet relaxed classroom environment teaches children socialization skills needed to succeed in school.

MNS is a cooperative preschool where your child will explore the classroom while interacting with friends, teachers and parents. Our school is run by an elected Executive Board of parents in cooperation with the teachers. Parents are actively involved in all facets of the school. 

The school has no religious affiliation with the church; the two entities have had a long-standing relationship.


Mayo Nursery School is fully accredited by the Maryland State Board of Education (MSDE).

Open Court Reading©, introduced in 2006, is an elementary basal reading program for grades K-6 developed by SRA/McGraw-Hill. The program is designed to systematically teach decoding, comprehension, inquiry and investigation, and writing in a logical progression. 

Our Mission

Mayo Nursery School strives to create an atmosphere in which your child’s natural curiosity is enhanced and encouraged through guided and open-ended activities. 

The play-based curriculum is built around the children’s emerging interests and sense of wonder. Our 3-year-olds are encouraged to safely explore their world physically, emotionally and intellectually. Our 4-year-olds continue developing skills encouraged in the 3s class with more emphasis on educational skills with to help them prepare for kindergarten. 

All classes are structured in a manner of constructive play, helping to instill self-esteem and reinforcing the joy to learn.

Contact Us

If you have questions about Mayo Nursery School or the programs we offer, feel free to send us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Mayo Nursery School

Mayo Nursery School 1012 Old Turkey Point Road Edgewater, MD 21037

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If you have further questions about our school or co-oping, please visit our FAQ page.