A co-op nursery school relies on parent involvement in the classroom every day. This is not intended to be a chore, but a way for you to be involved in your child’s life in a special way. It’s not all work. Most parents and children form lasting friendships that carry on to elementary school and beyond.  

As a part of membership, parents are expected to co-op. Every effort is put into accommodating your busy schedule. 

By serving in administrative positions and board positions, if desired, parents have an opportunity to be involved in making a difference in their child's school. By participating in daily classroom activities, parents have the privilege to observe their child's daily interactions, recognize their accomplishments, and develop a relationship with the teacher and classroom friends. By participating in school fundraisers, families are contributing to the growth of the school and programs while keeping tuition affordable.

Once registered, you will have a chance to rank your preferred duties which are outlined in the handbook. The Board and teachers work together to assign duties to each member family. Members receive their assignment by the end of August. At orientation in late August, parents are given a tour of the classroom and an overview of co-oping duties and responsibilities.

The cooperative nursery school experience lays a wonderful foundation for both parent and child. We encourage everyone to consider this option for their child's entry into formal education. It's an experience you both can share together.