Both parents in our family work. Will we be able to co-op?
Co-oping in the classroom only occurs once or twice a month. Schedules are made well in advance to allow time to coordinate other obligations (work, childcare for younger siblings, etc.).

I have a younger child at home. How can I co-op without hiring a babysitter?
We have many families in this situation. Often parents with younger kids can coordinate to provide childcare for each other when they have co-op duties.

How involved are families at MNS?
Families that choose a co-op do so because they want to be actively involved in their child's school. Outside of participating in daily classroom activities, parents have the opportunity to serve in administrative positions, volunteer for school fundraisers, join special school events and become a part of the MNS community. 

What is my monthly obligation for MNS?

Tuition is paid monthly, and co-op duties occur once or twice a month.

What does it mean to be the co-op parent? 
As the co-op parent you get to participate in all activities lead by the teachers and help children complete projects and activities in the classroom.  

Can a nanny or grandparent co-op in class, instead of a parent?
Yes, a nanny or grandparent can fulfill the parent responsibilities as long as they completed the background check and all health forms just as a parent would.  

How can I learn more about the school?
Join us at our next open house on Thursday, January 30, 2020. If you are unable to attend, email us at for more information.